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Sealing related machines

    All kinds of machines for Spiral wound gasket, double jacketed gasket, reinforced gasket, graphite ring, soft gasket, gland packings.

  • Metal Foil Punching Machine - SMT-5214SMT-5214Metal Foil Punching Machine

    SMT-5214 Metal Foil Punching Machine is used to punch the metal foil before making the Tanged SS reinforced graphite sheet.
    Work range: 1000/1500mm width

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  • Calender  Machine - SMT-5215SMT-5215Calender Machine

    SMT-5215 Calender machine is used to compound graphite, asbestos and non-asbestos etc non-metallic sheet reinforced with tanged or smooth metal foil insertion to make gasketing sheet, SS reinforce graphite sheet.
    Work range: 1000 or 1500mm width
    1.0~5.0mm Thick.

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  • Moulding machine for eyelet - SMT-5216SMT-5216Moulding machine for eyelet

    This machine is used to make mould the SS strip into U shape before eyelet the SS reinforced graphite gasket. Used with the SMT-5217 eyelet machine.

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  • Eyelet machine - SMT-5217SMT-5217Eyelet machine

    This machine is used to eyelet the reinforced gasket inner and outer diameter with SS strip. Need to use with SMT-5216 SS strip moulding machine.
    Working range: Diameter 60mm to 4000mm. Width: ≤95mm, Thickness: 2-8mm

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  • Packing tool set - Packing tool setPacking tool setPacking tool set

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  • Hand cutter for soft gaskets - Hand cutterHand cutterHand cutter for soft gaskets

    This Hand cutter is perfect to use on project site. Easy to use, and cut any soft material gasket like rubber gasket, asbestos, non-asbestos gasket, PTFE gasket, graphite gasket and SS reinforced graphite gasket.
    Cutting gasket range: Φ60-1500mm

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    Group of Sealing related machines has been presented above, please contact us if you want more Sealing related machines .